DATE: Ongoing series
LOCATION: DC/Baltimore area
TRAVEL EXPENSE: fuel reimbursed if traveling more than 30 miles one-way
TIME: 3+ hours
COMPENSATION: $25 per hour (does not including travel time)
MUA: Yes (on TFCD availability)


This is an on-going photo series called "LOVE OF MUSIC."

I shoot my models in various erotic and romantic relationships with
different musical instruments (cello, guitars, drums, harp, etc.) and
experiment with poses, looks and lighting.

Prospective models must be comfortable and prepared to do classy,
artistic nudity (up to Playboy-style).

I know many models are hesitant to do nudity (and I understand why)
but before you say "absolutely not" please take a look at my
portfolio. This IS NOT porn... no spread legs shots... that IS NOT
what I want for my portfolio.

I conduct an interview with each potential model either in a public
place to discuss the shoot or by phone if too far away to ensure I
find someone committed (meaning not a flake) and interested in
creating beautiful pictures. This also gives the model a chance to
interview me and see if I'm some weird-crazy-stalker-dude smile.

Also, I encourage models to bring escorts/chaperones to the shoot for
their own comfort as long as the escort is supportive of your work
(please no jealous boyfriends/girlfriends/mothers/fathers telling me
how to shoot or coaching the model during the shoot -- yes this has
happened before and if the model cannot control her escort I've had to
ask them politely to leave and cancel the shoot sad

A few weeks after the shoot, you will receive a CD containing the best
select shots from the shoot to use for non-commercial promotion only.

Hit me up if interested or if you have questions, please contact me at